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Product Name Supplier
Aronia Juice Concentrate, 65 BrixMilne
Aronia MicroDried¨WholeMilne
Aronia MicroDried¨ (fragmented)Milne
Aronia MicroDried¨ Plus WholeMilne
Aronia Berry IQF WholeMilne
Aronia IQF Sieved with SeedsMilne
Aronia IQF Sieved without SeedsMilne
Aronia Whole Fruit PowderMilne
Blackberry Juice Concentrate, 65 BrixMilne
Blackberry Puree Concentrate, 28 BrixMilne
Blackberry Puree NFC Ð AsepticMilne
Blackberry Puree NFC Ð Aseptic OrganicMilne
Blackberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented)Milne
Blackberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented)Milne
Blackberry MicroDried¨ Whole High MoistMilne
Blackberry MicroDried¨ Whole Low MoistMilne
Blackberry Whole Fruit PowderMilne
Blueberry Juice Concentrate, 32.5 BrixMilne
Blueberry Juice Concentrate, 65 BrixMilne
Blueberry Juice Concentrate, 65 Brix OrganicMilne
Blueberry Puree Concentrate, 30 BrixMilne
Blueberry Puree NFC Ð AsepticMilne
Blueberry Puree NFC Ð Aseptic OrganicMilne
Blueberry MicroDried¨ Milne
Blueberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented with fines)Milne
Blueberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented without
fines) Organic
Blueberry MicroDried¨ Whole High MoistureMilne
Blueberry MicroDried¨ Whole High Moisture OrganicMilne
Blueberry MicroDried¨ Whole Low MoistureMilne
Blueberry MicroDried¨ Whole Low Moisture OrganicMilne
Blueberry MicroDried¨ Whole Jumbo High Moisture Milne
MicroDried¨ Whole Jumbo Low Moisture 
Blueberry MicroDried¨ Plus WholeMilne
Blueberry MicroDried¨ Plus Whole (lightly sweetened)Milne
Blueberry (Cultivated) IQF Ð Wyckoff Premium GradeMilne
Blueberry (Cultivated) IQF Ð Grade BMilne
Blueberry (Cultivated) IQF Ð Grade CMilne
Blueberry Whole Fruit PowderMilne
Blueberry Whole Fruit Powder OrganicMilne
Carrot MicroDried¨ DicedMilne
Carrot MicroDried¨ SlicedMilne
Carrot Whole Vegetable PowderMilne
Corn Kernel MicroDried¨Milne
Corn Kernel MicroDried¨ (fragmented)Milne
Corn Kernel Whole Vegetable PowderMilne
Dark Sweet Cherry Juice Concentrate, 68 BrixMilne
Dark Sweet Cherry Juice NFCMilne
Dark Sweet Cherry Puree Concentrate, 32BrixMilne
Dark Sweet Cherry Puree NFC Ð AsepticMilne
Red Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate, 68 BrixMilne
Red Tart Cherry MicroDried¨ WholeMilne
Red Tart Cherry MicroDried¨ (fragmented with
Red Tart Cherry MicroDried¨ (fragmented without
Dark Sweet Cherry Whole Fruit PowderMilne
Red Tart Cherry Whole Fruit Powder (Coarse
Cranberry Juice Concentrate, 50 BrixMilne
Cranberry Juice Concentrate, 50 Brix OrganicMilne
Cranberry Juice Concentrate, 65 BrixMilne
Cranberry Juice Concentrate, 50 Brix
Cranberry Puree Concentrate, 23 BrixMilne
Cranberry Puree NFC Ð AsepticMilne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ WholeMilne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ Whole OrganicMilne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ SlicedMilne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ Sliced OrganicMilne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented with fines)Milne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented with fines) OrganicMilne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented without fines)Milne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented without
fines) Organic
Cranberry MicroDried¨ Whole High Moisture Milne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ Whole High Moisture OrganicMilne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ Whole Low Moisture Milne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ Whole Low Moisture OrganicMilne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ Plus WholeMilne
Cranberry MicroDried¨ Plus HalvesMilne
Cranberry Whole Fruit PowderMilne
Cranberry Whole Fruit Powder OrganicMilne
Black Currant Juice Concentrate, 65 BrixMilne
Black Currant MicroDried¨ WholeMilne
Black Currant MicroDried¨ (fragmented with
Black Currant MicroDried¨ (fragmented without
Red Currant MicroDried¨ Whole Milne
Red Currant MicroDried¨ (fragmented with
Red Currant MicroDried¨ (fragmented without
Black Currant Whole Fruit Powder Milne
Mango MicroDried¨ Cubed High MoistureMilne
Mango MicroDried¨ Cubed Low MoistureMilne
Mango MicroDried¨ (fragmented with fines)Milne
Mango MicroDried¨ (fragmented without fines)Milne
Pea MicroDried¨ WholeMilne
Pea MicroDried¨ (fragmented)Milne
Pea Whole Vegetable PowderMilne
Pineapple MicroDried¨ Tidbits Milne
Pineapple MicroDried¨ Tidbits Low MoistureMilne
Pineapple MicroDried¨ (fragmented with fines)Milne
Pineapple MicroDried¨ (fragmented without fines)Milne
Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, 32.5 BrixMilne
Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, 65 BrixMilne
Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, 65 Brix OrganicMilne
Pomegranate Juice NFC Milne
Pomegranate MicroDried¨ ArilsMilne
Strawberry Juice Concentrate, 50 BrixMilne
Strawberry Juice Concentrate, 65 BrixMilne
Strawberry Puree Concentrate, 28 BrixMilne
Strawberry Puree NFC Ð AsepticMilne
Strawberry MicroDried¨ SlicedMilne
Strawberry MicroDried¨ Sliced Organic Milne
Strawberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented with fines) Milne
Strawberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented with fines) Organic Milne
Strawberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented without fines)Milne
Strawberry MicroDried¨ (fragmented without
fines) Organic 
Strawberry Whole Fruit PowderMilne
Sweet Potato MicroDried¨ CubedMilne
SPI-Acai Berry ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Arnica Montana Flower ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Bearberry Leaf ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Bilberry ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Black Oats ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-BSOSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Camu Camu ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Chaga ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Chamomile ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Coconut OilSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Coffee Seed ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Cucumber Extract
Tea Extract 98
Silicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Honey ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Horse Chestnut ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-HS90Silicones Plus, Inc.
Purpurea Extract
Silicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Panax Ginseng ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Lavandin OilSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Lavender Essential OilSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Lemon ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Lingonberry ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Licorice ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
Silicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Milk Thistle ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
Seed Extract
Silicones Plus, Inc.
Coffee Bean Extract
Silicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Mulberry Extract OSSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Orange OilSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Pea ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
Resveratrol 98N
Silicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Red Algae Extract WSSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Rose Hip ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Sea Buckthorn ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Spilanthes 10Silicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Spearmint Oil CSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-St. John's Wort ExtractSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Turmeric Extract OSSilicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-Vitamin E USPSilicones Plus, Inc.
10 FG
Silicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-AF 30Silicones Plus, Inc.
SPI-DF 103Silicones Plus, Inc.
HA 100P
Silicones Plus, Inc.