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Silicones Plus, Inc’s featured product is CLR’s Phytosan™ K.  Phytosan™ K is a soybean derived cosmetic active from CLR Berlin GmbH. Phytosan™ K contains proteins, glycoproteins and polysaccharides and has shown to be a strong activator of the tumor suppressor protein p53 that is detected after single and chronical UV irradiation of primary human keratinocytes. Phytosan™ K’s goal-oriented, fast and long-lasting approach towards UV radiation induced thymine dimers makes it an extremely effective tool in strongly inhibiting not only the formation of erythema, but also accelerated aging processes in the skin.


  • Natural anti-aging and anti-wrinkle product from organic soy beans.
  • Stimulates skin regeneration by promotion of collagen type 1.
  • Increases skin smoothness and skin firmness and reduces wrinkle depth.
  • Strongly reduces UV-induced formation of elastase.
  • Counteracts UV-induced premature aging of the skin.


  • Skin or body care

  • Anti-ageing products

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